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188ASIA - Federer and last major battle of the King

Federer and last major battle of the King

Roger Federer is achieving good form, just go back to number two world eve of the US Open. Plus the aspirant fresh and fighting style evolution, he is hopeful to win another Grand Slam before retiring.

Time ruthlessly with everyone, unless you're Roger Federer. Swiss tennis player seems to have many stages in their careers than the number of stages of the Tour de France. I love tennis and tennis also loved him. When all fear of Federer brushed off the list names the most powerful player in the world, you still have to prove they were wrong.

Federer still persisting competition and victory, despite the non-market and faint from the burden of age. Photo: EPA.

But Federer's tactics have refined period is, or what his shots with just how tricky, the day he retired definitively before it would have hit. So grave tone will head to the US Open this year with special excitement. They will wait and see "Express Train" can run pitches miraculous journey to dock in Grand Slam final or not? They wait to see Federer can become a "Cinderella Boy" of tennis, or not?

Cinderella Boy "(Cinderella Man) is a film about a true story of a former boxing athlete Jim Braddock (Russell Crowe). During the US economic crisis, Jim must do everything hard job hard to care for his wife and three children. Economic difficulties that Jim had to beg for alms from old friends to survive. And then, at the end of despair, a door opened when athletes boxing game away midway fear. Jim is introduced hit you instead. Though fractured arm and was far less recovery boxing for many years, Jim has a rooftop radio.

Movie ends with a battle between Jim and the defending champion Max Baer. The contrast is too terrible. Jim, the skinny, heavily. Max, it is the prolific and extremely violent, fought deadly. Yet Jim can still win a miraculous way. So new people called him "Cinderella Boy", from poor light flashed step out as elves permission.

Federer never falls on the same lines of Jim. But in business, how many times you fall into sa muscle forces were emerging detractors, was skeptical that all the time. The life and career of the way Federer is tireless smashed his doubts.

Fans love Federer firstly by the graceful style of play. Despite how much enemy strength to match, Federer still return the ball gently, like a boss pepper strain: true on the field. Mark or very difficult, or that beautiful as Federer hit back hard part is universal. The strike left one of Federer's hand forever as one of the most sparkling image in the history of world tennis.

The secret of longevity Federer in tennis is changing to adapt. Photo: US Open.

But besides a lovely Federer Federer was a admirable. The audience admired the bravery of his men in the great battle, admire Federer's ability to come back after the defeat. In goal will be met with seemingly sinking confidence and self-esteem of men, Federer still has a way to rise. It feels like he's in a perpetual energy source, the green shoots of immortality.

At the age of "hash", Andy Roddick became the disaster, Lleyton Hewitt met the doctor more opponents on the field because of injury. New 29, Rafael Nadal as has entered the twilight, for being so dependable power plowed in peak years. Only Federer still persisting because he constantly changed tactics, from fast to wisdom, from the insurance sharply.

But now, at age 34, to champion US Open, he needed a stronger rise ever. He needed indomitable spirit of Jim Braddock suicide, by Novak Djokovic, was at his peak, just as Max Baer terrible day period before the Great Depression. Federer beat Djokovic recently to the throne in Cincinatti, but the Grand Slam of course a totally different world. FedEx will have to beat the best match, by competitor now is not just Djokovic or younger stars, but also his own age.

Djokovic (left) promises to be the biggest barrier to dream his 18th Grand Slam champion Federer when towards the upcoming US Open. Photo: EPA

Federer won the US Open five times, but the last time he was a minister unbeaten Andy Murray still inexperienced in the game was decided. And that day also took place seven years ago. The last time Federer lifted a Grand Slam championship three years ago, even 31 th birthday and the opponent still is Murray.

US Open here in 2015, Federer will not be able to meet Djokovic before the final. That said, he had entered the final game and could be a superstar takes a while for the Serbs, as he did with Djokovic played one of the best finals in Wimbledon tennis history some time ago.

If reunion Djokovic in the final US Open, Federer needs to understand him in a weaker position. And there, his fans waiting for a story of "Cinderella Man" version of tennis. 18th Grand Slam would be the end for a legendary fullness immortality. He waited more than two years that day, when time is running out.

US Open Federer since 2015 awaiting beautiful story!

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