Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Man Utd prepare 170 million to buy Neymar

Man Utd prepare 170 million to buy Neymar
British media do not exclude the possibility that the fair this summer will have a deal, "blockbuster" in the short time remaining.

Man Utd prepare 170 million to buy Neymar

After failing to convince Pedro to Old Trafford, Man Utd are shifting to another striker. And their first choice is Neymar, the UK Guardian newspaper said.

To recruit Neymar, Man Utd are willing to pay to a record 170 million dollars world. This is the amount to be assessed not too expensive for a new striker 23 and is increasing peak.

According to the Guardian, Man Utd have booked direct transfer issues with the representatives of Neymar. The striker wore the number 11 Barca side considerations and no answers.

According to this newspaper, Neymar praised United's invitation for the traditional club's history as well as the chance to play in England. However, the possibility of the transfer will not take place until summer 2016.

Neymar can use United's interest to put pressure on Barca to negotiate a contract extension more profitable. Currently striker is under contract until 2018.

During this summer, Man Utd also "ignored" when Sergio Ramos persuaded to leave Real Madrid. Finally midfielder a contract extension and claims have never said I wanted to Old Trafford.

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