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Real Madrid problem: When Ronaldo is uncomfortable

Benitez wants to improve Bale, down Ronaldo

Rafa Benitez wants Cristiano Ronaldo strike partnership with Jese stone in trip to Gijon in a 4-4-2, but the Portuguese superstar refused and Real Madrid are still operating under the 4-2-3 -first.

Rafa Benitez, the new coach of Real Madrid, has begun to suffer the consequences of what I too big of superstars at the Bernabeu. That he too favored Gareth Bale in their plans are causing side effects. Stories are not effective or not temporary tables, consider first just nasty attitude of Cris Ronaldo.

Benitez wants to improve Bale, down Ronaldo

Before the Battle Force met host La Liga 2015/16 Gijon, Benitez came intend ratings striker Ronaldo stone with Jese pair in a 4-4-2 diamond formation, pull out the left drifted Bale. However CR7 has bluntly said that his position is on the left, he felt most comfortable there and did not like to role-play "9", according to disclosure of Cadena Cope.

Ronaldo gave a warning to Benitez, the coach known for his tactical strength rather than to enhance the role of the players. The Portuguese star is not willing to cede the position to Bale, an act to preserve the inherent authority.

Benitez was soothed by Ronaldo said: "Ronaldo is always the starting and ending the match left side. He will have plenty of space to play its full potential. He only played striker role when necessary rather than whipping at all ".

But in fact, the goal of Ronaldo like a "9" rather than specialist winger. Last season, he scored 61 goals (64% of Real's goals) and mostly from within 16m50. Similarly the 2013/14 season (47%) and 2012/13 (49%).

Real problem: When Ronaldo uncomfortable

The debate about whether or not completely switch the "payroll" for Ronaldo as a "9" strong explosive authentic. Some suggested that at age 30, CR7 should change that. Knee injuries made him add no longer maintain hyperbolous speed to "storm" in the left.

Benitez worried about the so-called balance the lineup. He found the place led to Real's goal from the left to the defense of Ronaldo supporting zero. In this respect, Ronaldo was seen as a disaster. He is only concerned about his offensive duties and rarely help troubleshoot Marcelo...As to the Real, Benitez was considered resolved by Ronaldo first position. As people tend to be defensive military rulers Spaniards want every player to know the defense. The offensive players too, including Ronaldo.

Benitez different way of Ancelotti's predecessor, who turned the trio "BBC" (Bale, Benzema, Ronaldo Cris) into hyperbolous scoring machine. Carletto liberation defensive duties for the "BBC" and each of them can be a "9" as needed.

Back to the game against Gijon, because Ronaldo refused rock "9" should Benitez still use the familiar 4-2-3-1. Bale stone behind striker Jese plug, left by Cristiano Ronaldo is also right that Isco. But the embarrassment of making Bale Real tricky operation.

It is no longer in favor of Ronaldo insecurity sentiment. On his closing or facing opportunities are difficult to identify. He scored just 1 goal in 6 games played (from the summer friendlies round) with 405 minutes - alarming figures.

Benitez must act fast, reasonable if not a sad when the source Ronaldo goal against Real also depleted..

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