Thursday, August 27, 2015

Rooney hat-trick, Manchester United back roof Champions League

Rooney hat-trick, Manchester United back roof Champions League

England team to win 4-0 at the Stadio Club Brugge to qualify for the play-off final 7-1 score.

Joy consecutive to Man Utd when they not only won the right to play the Champions League but main striker Rooney also "informed the barrel" in this season. Man Utd fans have been waiting for Rooney fired just once in four previous matches, but have to match this Thursday, the striker of the 10 new boom.

Rooney opened the score at minute 20 second leg, before recording another two goals early in the second half. All phases are processed within 16m50.

The match was set at 63 minutes, Ander Herrera scored 4-0 lead after a dazzling precision balls of Bastian Schweinsteiger.

By the end of match, Javier Hernandez also missed the opportunity to help Man Utd increased more isolated when missed a penalty kick. However, the results last 4-0 second leg 3-1 win the first leg was enough to help Man Utd in Champions League re-export after a season's absence.

Rooney is the main character of the game with a hat-trick. Man Utd captain hugged the face and hands skyward like to thank after the first goal. Rooney had shed the burden and pressure the entire time were duds since the goal against Aston Villa in April.

Rooney's performances with great success from midfield with three tectonic phases respectively of Memphis, Herrera and Mata. In it the appearance of Herrera brought significant changes. Midfielder Spain soccer first time in this season alongside Michael Carrick. Vision and creativity of Herrera not only directly benefit the overall Rooney but the stitching attack.

Herrera shines in soccer matches. Photo: Reuters.

Players below Rooney was criticized not run around his seat to make up the gap. But Herrera did well and he even mixed up as a striker tape to fix the 4-0. Performances of Herrera heated competition in midfield Man Utd, which will help the team to benefit.

Club Brugge entered the second leg with a goal to score at least two goals. This forced them to put the team up and help Man Utd have more space to deploy attack. After conceding, Club Brugge had the clearest chance to score at the end of the first half but De Sutter and Diaby are missed.

While morale is up, the home side were thrown cold water after losing three consecutive

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