Wednesday, August 26, 2015

World champions 'pay taxi' with gold medal

 World champions 'pay taxi' with gold medal

Chinese state media said Tuesday 25/8, the athlete has successfully defended Hammer Throw champion, Pawel Fajdek gold medal used to pay for a taxi to the hotel respectively.

 World champions 'pay taxi' with gold medal

According to Tencent page, Fajdek woke up in the morning in the hotel 24/8 and detect lost medals. In anxiety, the Polish athlete who contacted police in Beijing, where the ongoing championship athletics world, and receive timely assistance.

Fajdek trace of the previous distance, police tried to drive a taxi. This person said the Fajdek claims payment by the medal. At the request of the police, the driver then returns to Fajdek accepted.

But athletes born in 1989, Chinese media have said too about the event. That you just to forget medal on driving taxi and then sped off without knowing.

"They will not blame their fellow citizens, because too easy to blame the other side", Fajdek reply.

Meanwhile, some Polish journalists in Beijing said, Fajdek has drank too much alcohol at a party to celebrate the victory. 26-year-old athlete won the gold with record HC threw 80,88m and is the youngest player to successfully defend the championship at this year's awards.
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