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All-star lineup of super stork Mendes

All-star lineup of super broker Mendes

Show do represent a series celebrities in football, from striker Cristiano Ronaldo to Jose Mourinho, Jorge Mendes brokerage experts are now considered absolute power with the operation of the transfer.

Jorge Mendes used to be a soccer player but Portugal soon to retire as 20s. Like coach Jose Mourinho, Mendes became famous without competition, older even as cool hand. Under the sort of expert brokers, dozens transfer "blockbuster" took place with the participation of many stars and the highest value of up to hundreds of millions of dollars (Ronaldo).
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David de Gea
De Gea has been successful with the move from Atletico Mendes to Manchester United in 2011. This keeper wanted a harder transfers leaving the Reds for Real Madrid. Mendes is trying to break the deadlock, expressed through the act pushing Iker Casillas from Real to FC Porto to make room for the client.

Nicolas Otamendi
Otamendi is not a client of Mendes, but when negotiations between Valencia and Manchester City come to a standstill, the Spanish team immediately asked Mendes mediated settlement. The deal then success with $ 50 million.

Thiago Silva
PSG may encounter many difficulties in Silva from AC Milan acquisitions in 2012. With negotiations on financing, Mendes makes the client, Milan and PSG are satisfied with the deal with $ 44 million.

Ezequiel Garay
Medium to Otamendi Valencia to Manchester City but not too worried because there is no substitute. With the support of Mendes, this team will likely have a different Argentina midfielder is Garay. 2013, Valencia had wanted to buy Garay from Porto. Shortly thereafter, Mendes brought to Zenit defender to become one of the highly paid player in Europe.

Fabio Coentrao
Coentrao almost anonymous until met Mendes. "I was like today is thanks to Mendes, Without him, I could not even become a player," Real winger said.

William Carvalho
Mendes not only sending clients to the big clubs, but also patience timing. Many big clubs wanted to buy Carvalho, but so far the 23-year-old remained Sporting Mendes advice. The objective of Carvalho Mendes wants to get a good start in terms of expertise and finance in business.

Joao Moutinho
Moutinho's loyal customers with Mendes. After being discovered in Lisbon, the player went under the guidance of Mendes, turn to Sporting, Porto and Monaco. In any groups, Moutinho is also pillars.

James Rodriguez
Many recent years, Real has spent over 400 million dollars through the brokerage firm of Mendes Gestifute players. "The bomb attack" was the first record of Cristiano Ronaldo in 2009 and the latest contract of James Rodriguez nearly 100 million last year.

Angel Di Maria
Di Maria has moved to the four clubs under the arrangement of Mendes, including Benfica, Real Madrid, Manchester United and PSG. Total value of this transfer is 190 million dollars. As representatives, Mendes enjoys 10% of this figure.

Cristiano Ronaldo
No other player has a close relationship with Mendes than Ronaldo, who is specialist broker as dear brothers in the house. When Mendes celebrate the 10th wedding recently, CR7 has bought an entire island in Greece.

Diego Costa
Costa worked with Mendes since I was a teenage player and entrusted his whole career for this expert. At 19, Costa did not even seem to know where to, Mendes played until being notified of the flight to Madrid.
"Mendes arrange everything. He told me was to fly to Madrid and signed a contract with Atletico. After that we went to see Pitarch (Atletico sporting director), whom I did not know who", Costa said.
After the move as a joke, Costa advance dizziness and gaining success with Atletico. Summer 2014 to Chelsea and the player continues to shine.

Radamel Falcao

Mendes client list of a lot longer and Falcao is one of them. This player has moved to five clubs in Europe including Porto, Atletico, Monaco, Manchester United and Chelsea. Except in Man Utd's defeat last year, Falcao has always been appreciated for the first three clubs.

Coach Jose Mourinho

Mendes actually contributing to the success of Chelsea Jose Mourinho came here when putting together a series of players like Ricardo Carvalho, Paulo Ferreira, Tiago. When Mourinho moved to Inter, Madrid and return to Chelsea, Mendes continues to be an effective partner.

Team of the customers of Jorge Mendes.

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