Friday, September 25, 2015

Link 188BET deposit guideline

Link 188BET hướng dẫn gửi tiền mới nhất

Once you've got yourself an account at 188bet deposit you must conduct in order to participate online betting games at 188bet.

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188BET hướng dẫn gửi tiền mới nhất

The depositors are also quite simple and quick, but you should take the time to read this article to avoid some common mistakes when sending money at 188BET.COM.
You are invited to follow the steps to send money to 188BET.

Step 1: Log in

You must login account and password to be able to initiate a funds transfer.
Depositors 188bet
Note: when logging 2nd not you please change another browser to access the blocked account to avoid temporary. (The temporary account lockout is to increase the security of your account at 188bet).
If you have forgotten your password please click on the forgotten password box.
Step 2: Select depositors

If the new account you registered or have run out of money 188BET will box invite you to send money immediately upon login.
depositors 188bet
You can also click on the bank in the top right corner of the screen and then choose to send money.
depositors 188bet
Step 3: Choose your deposit method

You can choose the method of sending money to the account of 188BET intermediary in Vietnam through many different forms such as:
Depositing money in a bank transaction.
Send money via online banking.
Send money via ATMs.
Send money via SMS Banking.
depositors 188bet
Step 4: Fill out depositors and bank accounts take 188BET.

You choose the deposit method.
Bank 188BET you want to transfer.
The money you send.
depositors 188bet
Note: Account deposit may change frequently. Times sent after you enter the command to send money and make remittance avoid bank account that has stopped the transaction.
A new dialog box will be moved to immediately, you save the account number and bank name 188BET to conduct depositors.
depositors 188bet
Step 5: Fill your transfer information and proceed to send money.

You fill your remittance form and proceed to go to transfer money from your account at 188BET
188betSau depositors press the button will switch you receive notifications pending, if the process takes longer for example 1 hour or when you fund your account is finished 5 minutes that have not updated your money, please contact live online support system for money most quickly updated.
depositors 188bet
Wish you win a lot with 188bet