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Link 188BET Registration Guide

188BET Registration Guide 

Hướng dẫn đăng ký 188bet mới nhất 

To join online betting games at home so you should have yourself 188BET account at 188bet.

188BET hướng dẫn đăng ký

Create an account first participation at 188bet betting is very simple and quick, you just follow our steps.
Create an account at the 188BET.COM
Step 1: Visit 188bet
To access 188BET.COM you visit our website Http: //188BET.TIP to get the link to access the latest 188BET. Currently, as the operators in Vietnam block links to pretty much 188bet, access to rapid and accurate 188BET.COM safest remember our web address to be updated on regular links. Or you can click on the following link for free Vip:

link 188bet link 188bet  link 188bet   link 188bet  link 188bet (4)

Step 2: Enter the account registration information

Once at the site of you click the registration box at the top of the website (part I've highlighted red in the image below.
Registration Guide 188bet
A registration dialog box is open, you complete the information items according to the illustration below.
Register 188BET
* Username: the user name of your account: you must remember correctly, after you have finished click click the "validity checks" to check that your username duplicative with other players or not.
* Password: This is the password, the password only you know and should be between 6 characters or more. Remember to clear your password.
* Personal information: please fill in the exact full name (surname you must match the name of the ATM card to get money sent to 188BET).
* Information and Privacy: If you do not have email, please visit to create their own one email. This email is used to receive confidential information and your 188BET account.
* Once completed the data on trace you click the "I turn 18" and then press the enter code capcha registered letters to complete the account creation at 188BET.COM
Step 3: Complete the registration
Register your account will be accepted validity even after a few seconds.
Register 188BET dang ky 188bet
After you complete your registration please click on the share deposit immediately to start depositing and playing at 188bet.
 Guide depositors 188bet
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