Friday, September 25, 2015

Link 188bet withdraw guide

Link 188BET hướng dẫn rút tiền mới nhất

Guide 188BET withdrawal from account

The withdrawal from 188BET on your bank account is very simple, the process usually takes place from 30 minutes to within 2 working days, depending on the time you withdraw your bank and withdraw money.

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The Visa debit card withdrawals at banks in Vietnam, such as simple, you just need to change your bank account number with the account number Visa Debit.
Steps to withdraw money from 188BET

188BET hướng dẫn rút tiền mới nhất

Step 1: 188bet Withdraw
Login Account> Banking> Withdrawal.
188BET withdrawal
Step 2: 188BET withdrawal
When the bank opened tabs and loaded the data you choose to Local Bank Transfer.
Withdrawal 188bet
Step 3Complete the information on the form.
You must fill in accurate information, take the time and review a turn before the completed offline.
188BET withdrawal
You can withdraw money in any account in any bank in the world
  •  The name of the account you withdraw must match the name you registered with 188BET and the names of people who transfer money into accounts at 188bet play.
  • Time Teller first time will take longer the subsequent withdrawals. Normally from 1 to 3 days not including holidays or holidays.
  •  Minimum withdrawal 1 day 40 USD / 1 day.
  •  Maximum withdrawal 3000 USD/1 day.
  •  The amount of deposits withdrawn = number + the amount you bet winnings + Promotions (if any).
Some exceptions when withdrawals
  • 1 of the first case withdrawals at 188BET will be random checks to verify the identity of the account holder. Once there, you will get 1 email request to send scanned image ID 2 people face to confirm the identity.
  •  For the first number you use Visa Debit cards are accepted money to the bank for the first time please authenticate your account is.
In this case, do not worry go to the bank where you open bank card and request confirmation Visa Debit card holders. You need to bring ID when going to the bank.