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Messi: 8 years & 180 minutes burning silence

188ASIA - Messi: 8 years & 180 minutes burning silence

Messi still energetic, play football ravishing entering the season 2015/16. Sadly after 2 games in La Liga, the Argentine superstar was luck turned her back, can not "informed the barrel".

Messi: 8 years & 180 minutes burning silence

For the first time since 2007/08 - stage was rubbing shoulders with the Ronaldinho, Thierry Henry and Samuel Eto'o - Lionel Messi scored after not renewing the first 2 rounds of La Liga. A crisis? Certainly not.

Barca have won their last two matches with 1-0 thanks to Suarez mixed up through Bilbao and flashed moments of Malaga central defender Vermaelen before Saturday night. State champion is now one of four teams led La Liga but "an oddity" is that "tiny Eibar" new No. 1 thanks to the best sub-index.

In Round 3, Barca will be the first big game of the season against Atletico after focusing the national team for the Euro 2016 qualifiers and international friendlies. Messi will return to target "the barrel" in the 2015/16 La Liga season. But the number 10 of Barca "silence" at the moment is just a reminder to all that he burned for over 8 years and nonetheless need a pause.

At 20, Messi has scored 10 goals in 28 games in La Liga. Since then, Messi has always scored more than 23 goals / season, set in 2008/09 before achieving respectively 34, 31, 50, 46, 28 and 43 goals in the next 6 seasons.

There are many reasons for people to believe that Messi still do the same thing this season. But if Barca do not win that often role play Messi hero then things have made coach Enrique feel anxious?

Remember Suarez and Neymar Barca still have - the duo has a total of 64 goals last season. They are an extremely important component in the campaign to conquer "treble" of Team Great Camp Nou. Even last week, right through to the "sick soldiers," Vermaelen to win the Barca attack machine is still scary.

The departure of Xavi has not led Barca collapse that creates new value thanks to the logical successor. While Barca have thought a lot about the role of Messi, who turns 29 at the end of this season, the 30 year old that is accessing capital to switch to another crossroads in his career.

Messi: 8 years & 180 minutes burning silence

A playmaker, deeper? Probably not but Messi then also must bear responsibility for that. Last season, he sacrificed a lot for stage lighting projection on Neymar and Suarez. Especially in the Champions League, the M10 never hesitate "backdrop" for 2 person team.

Of course Messi specialized job story of a midfielder, or a protection of not immediately happen. Barca remain Iniesta, Rakitic, rookie Turan.

Messi will continue to be "machine goalscorer" 1 of Barca despite a bit "dry" season. He's just too unlucky, in other words away, as are ball teasing. Messi down at the food on the spot 11 meters, and often above all stand before the performances on the field of "guard house".

Everyone believes and Messi will soon rediscover scoring form of his super-terrorist. Consider first 2 games in La Liga this season not scoring is silence before the Argentine superstar burst back.

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