Friday, November 20, 2015

How to play online football betting from A to Z

How to play online football betting from A to Z

188BET  For new players, the players betting more difficult because of not familiar with the user interface of the home site, or are new to online gambling or one certain cause, clip tutorial on football betting below will help you network.

How online football betting there are many other points to the application as a traditional play, it is more complex.

Currently in Vietnam there are many reputable ones are active, the selection of the participants for football betting is also very important for the players. You can choose one of the many home by clicking the image below!

1. Guide to see who rafter in online football betting

Vietnam at present there are ways truss often inspired football betting players online or play as indentured Malaysia, HongKong agreement, European odds. In Vietnam, Malaysia truss often people playing online football betting on the most popular choice because it has close ties with the amount bet and get your winnings, easy to play, easy to see, can lose less food Vibration play much in the case at the end of each round.

Take one concrete example to guide you specifically let understandable how online football betting. Now that will take the game between AC Milan vs Cagliari to help you easily visualize.

 malaysia Odds

With the money you bet is to hit 100,000 players, looking at the screen shows parameters odds of it as follows:

Keo Malaysia: Time 90 ', HANDICAP (FT.HDP) AC Milan Cagliari accept half (0.5), OU (FT. O / U) two left-half (2.5).

- Choose Cagliari: Cagliari won 79 of 100 lease located about 179 proceeds, Cagliari lost contract lost 100
- Choose AC Milan: AC Milan wins contract earning put 100 to 100 200, AC Milan lost the contract lost 85
- Select Resources (Over): Mark Resources put 100an 100, lost 89
- Select the OU (Under): Evaluation Under 89 set of 100, losing 100

b. Guide online football betting in Hong Kong shed truss

 Hong Kong Odds
- Choose Cagliari: Cagliari won 80 of 100 lease located grossed 180, lost contract lost 100
- Choose AC Milan: AC Milan wins contract earning put 100 to 117 217, truss lost revenue 100
- Select Resources: Wins contract to put 100 to 214 114 revenue, lost contract lost 100
- Select Under: Wins contract earning put 100 to 79 179, lost 100 lost contract

c. Guide to betting football in Europe shed truss

European odds
The dealer put out three doors to choose from ca cuoc Asia, Select Home Win (Home or 1), Select draw (Draw or 2) and visitors choose the winner (Away or 2).

Looking at the Odds, we find that:
- If you choose Home: put 100 to 371 271 Interest
- Select Draw: 100 to 213 113 Interest
- If selecting Away: Put 100 to 320 220 Interest

There are also odds Indonesia but I saw very few people play this kind of agreement. To discover many interesting things in the dealer network, the player should be practiced in many different ones.

2. Instructions on how to bet online football betting

After the scan is complete agreement, you'd bet any game you choose to bet that game, for those who do not know how online football betting they will encounter little difficulty.

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