Friday, November 27, 2015

Kahn: 'Ronaldo will surpass Messi won the Golden Ball 2015'

Kahn: 'Ronaldo will surpass Messi won the Golden Ball 2015'

Former famous goalkeeper of the German team that will have a big surprise in the Golden Ball poll in 2015.
When he played, Oliver Kahn played excellent, but can not win the Golden Ball. Campbell said of the two-time third in two consecutive election in 2001 and 2002.

Kahn is the Champions League with Bayern in 2001 and won the best player award World Cup 2002. Photo: Reuters

"I have experienced the Golden Ball poll. The problem is not just to have a successful season is to win the Golden Ball. This year the battle will take place between Messi, who had a successful season and Ronaldo, who scored more goals. I believe Ronaldo will win the title again, "Kahn said on

If predictions come true Kahn, football world will have a big surprise. 2014-2015 season was highly successful season with Messi, including a treble win in Barcelona shirt and a series of goals, decision makers ball. Meanwhile, Ronaldo only scored more goals, but failed to impress in any public arena and his Real white and hand on all fronts.

In the history of the Golden Ball, Lev Yashin is the only goalkeeper to win the title in 1963. This fact shows that the contribution of the goalkeeper has not been appreciated.

"I think not only in Europe but across the world, people still think the goalkeeper is difficult to compete for a title as the Golden Ball," Kahn said.

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